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Non-Addressable Water Leak Detection price
A complete set of indoor water leakage alarm system
Suitable for indoor places with risk of water leakage
Timely response, alarm speed, environmental protection materials
A variety of signal output mode, can be used with a variety of remote alarm connection
1. Product Introduction
(1) Non-positioning water leakage detection system package
A non-positioning water leak detect alarm A-LC1A
A 2 pins leading wire
15 meters white water leak sensing cable

(2) Usage
Use accessories to connect the water leakage sensing cable to the water leakage controller. Lay the cable around the place where the water leakage will occur and plug in the power. When the water touches the cable, an alarm will be immediately sent out.

(3) Noted
Avoid contact with metal objects during laying of induction wire;
The induction wire shall be kept dry and clean during the laying process.
The induction line should avoid static interference in the laid area.
2.  Product Parameter
Power DC 12V, 3W
Accessories Leader wire & Connector & 2 pins sensor cable & Clips
Output Relay 0.5A @ AC 125V; 1A @ DC 24V NO-COM/NC-COM
Inputs Water sensor cable Compatible with A-LC1B or other 2 pins sensor cable
Maximum length 1200m (3937 ft)
Minimum length 1m(3 ft)
Detection accuracy 100%
Protocols Modbus RTU RS-485 Communication, Optional baud rates factory default 9600, Optional address is 0~255, factory default 0
Alarm Notification Visible Alarm Red LED for leak alarm
Aduible Alarm Sound off by pushing button "CLR"
Operating Environment Temperature -20℃~50℃ (32℉~122℉)
Humidity 5%~95%(non-condensing)
Storage Environment -40℃~60℃(0℉~140℉)
Dimensions 8.42 x 5.42 x 2.42 cm
Mounting DIN Rail or panel mountable
Cable diameter6 mm and 4 mm
Sensing wires 2*30 AWG with jacket of conductive fluoropolymer
Cable weight(50 ft/15m length) 500g
Cable colorHigh-visibility white
Cable length15 meters
3. Product details and application
(1) Our company also sells a variety of diameter specifications of water leakage induction rope, 6 mm, 5 mm and 4 mm induction rope are available, if you need to change the product set, please contact the customer service staff in detail.
(2) The non-positioning water leakage detection system has RS485 standard output protocol, through which customers can integrate with other alarm systems to achieve remote real-time monitoring.
(3) Application
This water leakage equipment is suitable for all kinds of indoor water leakage dangerous places. All over the world can be used, you are welcome to come to the inquiry

(4) Certificate
All the leaking products of our company conform to the international and domestic product standards certification, with CE,Rohs and other international and domestic certificates

(5) Company profile
Shenzhen An Ying technology co., ltd. is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China, with 10 years of experience in the production of water leakage alarm equipment. In the Internet of things industry, our company designs and produces a series of Internet of things products, such as temperature and humidity sensor controller, intelligent air conditioning controller, intelligent agricultural products and so on. Our products sell well all over the world. Welcome to make an inquiry
4. Payment, shipping and service
(1) Payment
We support bank transfer, PayPal, online store ordering and convenient payment methods.

(2) Shipping
We use international famous express, such as DHL,UPS and the express you find convenient.

5. FAQ
(1) When will you deliver the goods?
A: About 3-5 days after payment. It also depends on the quantity and whether you need mould making.
(2) How about price worthy?
A: We are direct manufacturer and will offer you the reasonable price.
(3) Can you provide customers with samples?
A: Yes, transportation fee paid by customers. Freight collect.
6. News
3 Predictions For The Future Of Smart Home Technology
2018 holds even more promise for the smart home industry, as devices like Google Home, Alexa and Amazon Echo become more commonplace and artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated. We asked 14 members of Forbes Technology Council what they think consumers can expect in the coming year.
1. The Next Security And Privacy Crisis
We have shared our digital footprint for convenience. With smart home technology, we are sharing our physical footprint. It is not a matter of if but when these systems will be compromised, and the consequences could be much more severe than lost social security numbers. Addressing security and privacy will become a fundamental concern that will shape this industry. - Dimitri Stiliadis, Aporeto
2. Integration Of Smart Home Devices
Integration will make or break smart home technology. Navigating goofy AI misunderstandings for 12 appliances and the front door is not the way of the future. But can smart homes make sure you remembered to turn off all the lights? Lock up? De-activate alarms upon recognizing your face? I believe we will see more integration that supports homeowners in 2018. - Arnie Gordon, Arlyn Scales
3. A Greater Role For Artificial Intelligence
I'm wrapping up repairs and renovations on an investment property, and we opted to install a bunch of Nest and Ring products to better secure our investment. The video surveillance is great, but I can see AI being used to automate threat detection and maybe more proactively alert us if something goes awry. This would revolutionize the human aspect of remote video monitoring.
Non-Addressable Water Leak Detection price

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