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Different Grade Sheep Casing factory
Product name Quality AB sheep casing
Raw material Origin Inner Mongoliar, Xinjiang,Gansu
caliber 18/20,19/21,20/22,22/24,24/26,26/28
grade AB
Min meters 2m/+, 4m/+,7m/+
Hank length 90-100meters
net 1hk/net, 2hks/net, 3hks/net
package 90-100mts/hank
Barrel: 500hanks
20 container:72barrels
Storage temperature 4-8℃
Life span 2 years
MOQ Sample: 90meters, bulk production:   1000hanks
Certificate HACCP, HALAL
Product feature:
Fresh, green, health, natural raw material
Correct caliber, hand selection, no additive
Good taste, long storage, easier filling sausage
quality standard:
Quality A: best texture, strong flexible, allow pin-holes, milk white
Quality AB: good texture, little veins,allow 2mm pin-holes
Quality BC: bad texture, no hard hole, allow 3mm holes
How should I prepare my salted casings?
1. Rinse salt from the casings with fresh water.
2. Soften by soaking in fresh water at room temperature (approximately 21°C for
45 minutes to one hour. When the hanks areplaced in the water, gently hand massage themto separate the strands and prevent dry spotswhich may adversely affect the stuffing process.
3. Take the casings to the stuffing table. Place them in a bath of fresh water. This water should be warmer to render a little of the natural fat in the casing. This will help to allow the casing toslide from the stuffing horn more readily.
4. Preflush the casing by introducing water intothe casings and allow to run through the casing.This will also facilitate getting the casing ontothe filling horn and moving the casing smoothly  during the filling process
At what temperature should I keep my casings?
Salted and easy fill at 4-8°C is the best temperature .  
What is the expiration time for surplus casings?
Salted within 90 days . Different Grade Sheep Casing factory

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