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The Seattle Seahawks have given away the football just 10 times through 15 games this season. If they can get through another 60 minutes of football Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals without a turnover https://www.49ersfanshop.com/Deion-Sanders-Jersey , they’ll equal the league record for fewest turnovers in a season.The record of 10 turnovers in a season is shared by the 2010 New England Patriots and 2011 San Francisco 49ers.Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll can be like a broken record to his players emphasizing his belief “it’s all about the ball.” Turnovers are perhaps the single thing he harps on most as a coach, so the thought of potentially matching the league record for fewest turnovers is music to his ears.“It’s the No. 1 thing that we emphasize and we’ve been doing it for a long time,” Carroll said on Wednesday. “What our challenge is, is how well can we emphasize it? And how well can we transfer than emphasis so they adopt that as part of their play? The mentality of it; there is a constancy that just goes away if you don’t. You have to be on it because there are unnatural aspects of it when you play the things that you have to do. You have to train and drill with the highest of expectations to get it done.“It is such a big deal around here that guys get put on the screen and they get hammered and they get whatever – they get hooted out or whatever if they’re even loose with the ball a little bit.”Much like the increases in completion percentage and passer rating in recent years, teams have become far more adept at not giving the ball away. As recently as a decade ago, the best turnover seasons in league history had been somewhat dated. The 1982 Kansas City Chiefs held the record with just 12 turnovers. The 1943 and 1990 New York Giants Roger Craig Jersey , and 1959 Cleveland Browns were tied for next on the list with 14 turnovers.However, the top of the list has been flooded in the past few seasons. Assuming the Seahawks don’t turn the ball over more than twice on Sunday, eight of the nine best turnover seasons in history will have come since 2010 with six of those coming in the last three years.The 2016 Atlanta Falcons (11), 2016 New England Patriots (11), 2017 Kansas City Chiefs (11), 2016 Buffalo Bills (12) and 2017 New England Patriots (12) all have joined the top of the list. The 1982 Chiefs are the only team outside of the last decade still in the conversation.The Seahawks had five turnovers in their first two games – three interceptions from Russell Wilson and lost fumbles by Wilson and Chris Carson. They’ve turned the ball over just once in their last five games.Seattle also leads the league in turnover margin at plus-14. The Chicago Bears and Houston Texans Ronnie Lott Color Rush Jersey , both at plus-12, are the only other teams with a turnover margin of at least plus-10. Getting some outside perspective on what Dee Ford brings to the table"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections 49ers Salary CapLevi’s Stadium Events49ers Transactions49ers Injury News49ers Press Conferences & Conference CallsNFL Free AgencyNFL Free Agency49ers free agency 2019Four things to know about new 49ers star pass rusher Dee FordNew,84commentsGetting some outside perspective on what Dee Ford brings to the tablePDTShareTweetShareShareFour things to know about new 49ers star pass rusher Dee FordIsaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY SportsThe San Francisco 49ers made a blockbuster trade to acquire Dee Ford from the Kansas City Chiefs earlier this week. We have a pretty good idea of what Ford can do. I thought it’d be a good idea to get an outsiders perspective on the talented pass rusher, so I reached out to Pete Sweeney of Arrowhead Pride. Pete has watched Ford for his entire career. So if someone knows about Ford, it’s him.1) How do Chiefs fans feel like they made out in the deal?Based upon polls and fan reaction in Kansas City, I’d say that around three of every four Chiefs fans actually were in favor of moving Dee Ford. I think that has several factors: Ford’s injury history https://www.49ersfanshop.com/Jerry-Rice-Jersey , his offsides blunder in the AFC title game and fan awareness of just how up against the cap the Chiefs were. The Chiefs defense was also so bad (as a unit) last year that I think many are ready for a fresh start. What was one thing Ford did often that frustrated Chiefs fans during his career?I think the best answer here is simply, get injured. Ford is a great player but so far through five years, he has been injury-prone. Ford had hamstring issues in 2016 and back issues that required surgery in 2017. 2018 was the first season of five in which Ford started 16 games.What are the chances Dee Ford builds on his fantastic 2018 season?Of the percentage I mentioned above, I would fall into the category of wishing the Chiefs would have retained Ford. I think the chances are high. Ford is a prideful player who has always wanted to be great, and he really hit his stride last season under outside linebackers coach Mike Smith (who left the Chiefs for Green Bay in the offseason). Smith taught Ford strategies on how to improve to an elite pass rusher, and Ford credits him with much of his success last season.What is one thing Ford will do that we can look forward to next year?Affect the quarterback. Constantly. He may not always get a sack Colin Kaepernick Jersey , but Ford is capable of affecting the quarterback on every single play. He also is very good with the media. Despite a heartbreaking ending to his Chiefs season, he not only spoke to media members after the game but also the next day, something the players are not required to do.